Gigs and Mixes, 2022 and older

Saturday Night @ Furpocalypse 2022

This set is a follow-on to my previous “““World””” set from this summer (see below), adjusted for the Peak Time slot vs opening the night up. As with that previous set, I did my best to be thoughtful and careful in track selection, featuring tracks for which producers talk about their specific experience, history, and cultural context. I really like hearing international producers rework western pop music for their own musical traditions.

The second half of the set is more club-focused, with perhaps an over-reliance on BRLLNT’s incredible edits.

I make no apologies for the meme song to end the set – cbat absolutely slaps and the crowd was more than willing to get weird with me.

Huxley(fur) - Furpocalypse 2022

Global Beats, Club

Camp Howl @ Firefly 2022

Curating a “““““World”””” House set is very fraught, and many of the track descriptions one encounters are something along the lines of “I am a white producer in Europe, and I thought these African sounds were p cool, so I sampled them.” I did my best to be thoughtful and careful, and featured some tracks for which producers talk about their specific experience, history, and cultural context.

Yes, I smacked the pitch slider with my big dumb paws toward the end. :)

Huxley(fur) - Camp Howl@Firefly 2022

Global Beats

Anthro New England 2022

Wow, what an incredible experience! I opened up the Friday night dances at 9pm and the floor was bumping from start to finish. The theme of the con was the 90s, so it was easy enough to look back on my middle and high school dances and recreate those memories. Did I have fun at those dances back then? Not at all, I was miserable and lonely! But being able to reclaim the music in a new time as my new self was empowering. After the set, I got more hugs and feedback and new fans than any other set I can remember.

Huxley(fur) - Anthro New England 2022

90s Dance Classics

Union Square Warehouse Party

Two gigs in two months? What is this, the Before Times?? This was a legit warehouse party; the DJ booth was next to a humongous CNC machine. Due to a last-minute lineup change, my slot ballooned from 60 to 100 minutes. That’s a long time in the suit! I had a really good time riding the energy level. The previous DJ had played a Free Britney set so people were ready for Peak Time Raaaaage, but soon I had to pull it back to let everyone catch their breath. Then I could bring it back up again… and so on, a few swells over the next couple hours. The end was a little rough but I was pretty exhausted by that point. Enjoy this (very explicit!) collection of house and club and booty!

Huxley(fur) - Union Square Warehouse Party 2021-11-13

House, Club, Booty

NECTR 2021

My first in-person gig since… Furpoc 2019?? Wow. This was a lovely gig outdoors in the Connecticut woods. No recording of this one, sorry!

Anthro New England 2021

This was a fun stream! There were the usual rebroadcast technical shenanigans, as always seems to happen with these things, but we got them resolved the very second I needed to start playing. That threw me off my game for a couple tracks, but then I locked in and the rest of the time passed quickly.

The Furry Covid Streams

I’ve been DJing most Saturday nights during Covid on and then uploading the mixes to youtube. Follow me on twitch to get notifications when I go live, and subscribe on youtube so you can catch any sets you miss!

Furpocalypse 2019

Huxley under the bright lights

Huxley under the bright lights

Saturday night, 11pm: for furries, who are not usually night owls, this is peak time, and this was by far the biggest crowd I’ve played for. I was worried about this set going in because I hadn’t rehearsed in a week and I was exhausted from traveling. But when the doors opened the suiters came streaming in ready to dance and the floor only got more crowded after that! It was so much fun and I got to drop some tracks I’ve been dying to play for months.

I switched up my music selection by playing more queer, POC-created clubby music. Over the summer there was some outcry from POC furs on twitter about the lack of diversity in con music, and I wanted to help if I could. I’m a bit of a tourist in the genre so there’s a huge risk of getting it wrong, and I will humbly accept any feedback about this direction I’ve taken. Ultimately cons need to book DJs that aren’t white dudes like me! If you’re in an underrepresented group and want to get gigs at cons, hit me up and I will do whatever I can to get you on stage.

Huxley(fur) - Furpocalypse 2019

Disco, Club

Pine Fur Con 2019 – Disco Doggo

I can’t say enough good things about this night of music and dancing. One year ago I attended my first full furry convention (I had dropped in casually at Anthro New England), wore a fursuit for the first time, and DJed my first furry convention. The dance floor was sparse but enthusiastic.

This year I returned with a dynamite time slot and a crowd ready to boogie down to Disco hits thanks to the 70s con theme. I started with “You Should Be Dancing” and the crowd got the message. Through my 90 minutes and 90 more courtesy of Jackmaster Flash they did not stop.

It was everything I knew a con dance could be: people and animals of all ages brought together under the umbrella of good, funky music. I’m comfortable in suit, though DJing with big ol’ paws still results in the occasional goof. And people are learning that they need to show up for a Huxley set…

Huxley(fur) - Pine Fur Con 2019

Disco Doggo

Boston DSA Prommunism 2019 (Unabridged)

Prommunism was a big success! Thanks to everyone who came out and was very accepting of the large dog that showed up and asked them to slow dance. Due to scheduling issues the DJ sets had to be cut short, so I recorded a fresh, full-length to post here.

Huxley(fur) - DSA Prommunism (Unabridged)

High School Prom

A twitter post from Leslie J Rising that shows Huxley at the decks and reads, 'How do they touch all the little buttons with those big paws'

How indeed!

Anthro New England 2019

The dance floor was rather spare that Thursday night, so Huxley indulged himself with some of his favorite melodic technoish jams toward the end. Thanks to those who stuck with me!

Huxley(fur) - Anthro New England 2019

Melodic Techno

Furpocalypse 2018

The theme for this con was “Thriller Nights”, and damn if I wasn’t going to close out the night with the track the crowd had been waiting for.

An enthusiastic crowd

Huxley(fur) - Furpocalypse 2018 - Thriller Nights

Synthwave and 80s

Firefly Arts Collective 2018

Burners aren’t used to seeing furries, so I thought I’d be the only big dog on campus. I was wrong!

Doggo meet doggo

Huxley(fur) - Firefly Arts Festival 2018

Totenkitten Techno Set

Pine Fur Con 2018

PFC was my first real con and my first time DJing in suit. It went great and the mix I put down was one of my best.

Huxley(fur) - Pine Fur Con 2018

House, Pop, 80s, NuDisco