Gigs and Mixes, 2023

Furpocalypse 2023

Furpoc is my favorite con to play, the crowd is always ready to go hard from the jump. This year I was given a prime slot and I tried to keep the energy level high throughout. Any question about whether I had succeeded was answered when the twerk battle broke out partway through. Taking the long view, I think this set is a quintessential representation of My Sound – a mix of unapologetically sexy club, groovy techno, a dash of the weirder side, and the occasional joke. To the person who went home with the novelty-sized popper bottle, you’re welcome. <3

Furcationland 2023

Furcationland is the successor of sorts to Pine Fur Con. It also takes place in Maine, and a lot of the same people are involved, but due to Reasons it’s a separate organization. PFC was the first place I ever DJed in suit, so a con in Maine will always have a special place in my heart.

I was quite unsure what the energy level would be at 10pm, but after a couple tracks it became clear they were ready to go! So I kicked up the tempo and didn’t look back.

I have been playing multiple genres for a couple of gigs now, but I tend to do them in blocks – start with genre X, transition to genre Y. For this set, I wanted to blend genres together, showcasing how they relate to each other. There’s always a risk that this approach will make the set feel more scattershot, but this one came out nicely.

Anthro New England 2023

Huxley keeps it down

Huxley keeps it down

I almost didn’t perform this set. Dinner wasn’t agreeing with me and I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it down. Having a stomach issue on stage in a fursuit… it could have been bad. I made the choice to power through, and despite a rocky start this was one of my best sets. I had culled the crate ruthlessly and been practicing diligently, so I was able to execute even though I was feeling far from 100%.

Afterward I asked people what their favorite track had been. I got at least five different answers, which I thinks speaks to the strength of the arrangement.

Going in I had more than a few requests to play cbat again – alas, sometimes it’s best not to give the people what they want.